Values & Tradition

The Läderach Swiss Chocolatier takes pride in communicating these values through each and every Läderach artisanal chocolate creation.
See, taste, and enjoy the noticeable freshness of Läderach chocolates, where only the freshest and most carefully selected ingredients are good enough for our creations.
Appreciate the skill and passion of our Läderach Chocolatiers where every miniature work of art is lovingly handcrafted.
Läderach is deeply rooted in Swiss tradition where quality and respect of the environment is our brand promise.
The value of "freshness" takes on a new life in encouraging individuality. Fresh new concepts become key elements of our ever-developing product range of gourmet creations.
The family has always been the foundation and source of inspiration and strength for the Läderach brand. While growing globally, we maintain fundamental family values like reliability, honesty and trust. We work very closely with all partners on our value chain to ensure fair and fruitful relationships that make Läderach sustainable.

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